June 10, 2023

Situated on the opposite side of the Seine from the Eiffel Tower, Trocadéro is home to splendid gardens and ornamental ponds and fountains as well as the cultural richness of the Palais de Chaillot, the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine and the Musée de la Marine.

Unesco: Paris, Banks of the Seine
A souvenir from my trip to Paris.
Date: June 3


Lipari is the largest and most populated of the Aeolian Islands, a volcanic archipelago off the coast of Sicily. The island has the biggest town of the archipelago, also called Lipari, a lively busy place with picturesque streets, an attractive harbour and a historic castle-citadel. Like its island neighbours, Lipari has volcanic origins. The last eruption on the island took place around 1,400 years ago, and there are currently no signs of volcanic activity other than thermal springs and fumaroles.

Unesco: Isole Eolie (Aeolian Islands)
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Date: May 8

River Murray

Australia’s longest river is the River Murray, which stretches 2,508 kilometres from the Snowy Mountains in north-east Victoria to the coast near Adelaide in South Australia. It forms most of the boundary between Victoria and New South Wales, before bending sharply south at Morgan in South Australia to flow through to Encounter Bay. All three states rely on water from the mighty Murray. The River Murray sustains a complex network of ecosystems, including red gum forests, and more than 350 varieties of birds, as well as many mammal, reptile and fish species. The river also supports recreation, tourism and major towns, including Albury, Wodonga, Echuca, Swan Hill, Mildura and Renmark. The Murray-Darling Basin is Australia’s largest area of crops and pastures; more than 70% of the national total.

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Date: May 3


Clockwise from left: Western Australia's bird emblem is the Black Swan; Perth's city skyline, seen here from Sir James Mitchell Park; the Swan Bells tower graces the riverfront at Barrack Square.

Thank you Marnie. I have such nice memories of Perth!
Date: May 6


A common wombat from Australia. Wombats are a robust and powerful nocturnal marsupial! They are found throughout southeast Australia, including Tasmania. They have strong claws, nails and teeth for digging burrows and chewing through tree roots. They are herbivorous and spend the hours of darkness grazing on grasses, shrubs and leaves. Because wombats are marsupials, they have a pouch for raising their young, called joeys.

Many thanks Zoe!
Date: April 29

Benagil Cave

Benagil is a small Portuguese village on the Atlantic coast in Algarve. The Benagil Cave is its main tourist attractionl. Out of all sea caves that dot the Algarve coastline between Lagos and Albufeira, the Benagil Cave is the only one that has been eroded both from the side and from the top. This unique natural process has resulted in an opening in the ceiling that allows the sunlight to brighten up the grotto and the beach that it hides. It can only be accessed from the water and small tour boats tend to queue at the entrance to pass through this unique sea cave.

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Date: May 21

From Oman

Sent from Muscat, Oman’s port capital, sits on the Gulf of Oman surrounded by mountains and desert. With history dating back to antiquity, it mixes high-rises and upscale shopping malls with clifftop landmarks such as the 16th-century Portuguese forts, Al Jalali and Mirani, looming over Muscat Harbor.

Thank you Irina!
Date: May 12

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park sits on the north-western province of Rwanda in a small town known as Musanze. This park is apparently the oldest national park in the entire African continent and harbors the endangered Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park also shelters five of the eight volcanoes of the Virunga Mountains covering over 160 km2 of rain forest and bamboo.

Thank you Alena!

Flags of the World - Gambia

The flag of the Gambia was adopted in 1965. The colours of the flag carry cultural, political, and regional meanings. The blue alludes to the Gambia River, which is the nation's key geographical feature and from which the country derives its name. The red evokes the sun – given the Gambia's close proximity to the Equator– as well as the savanna. The thin white stripes represent unity and peace. The green epitomizes the forest and the agricultural goods that the Gambian people are heavily dependent on, both for exports and their personal use.

Many thanks Alena.
Date: May 30

Short Sands Beach

York Beach is a village within the town of York, Maine. The York Beach area consists of Long Sands and Short Sands beaches on the Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf of Maine. The two beaches are separated by Cape Neddick. The very popular Short Sands Beach is a quarter-mile-long sandy pocket beach tucked between rocky cliffs in the village of York Beach. The area has many arcades, shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Attractions include the Goldenrod, the Fun-O-Rama, and York's Wild Kingdom.

Thank you Mark!
Date: May 25