Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

December 04, 2021

Located in the historic district of Chinatown, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum’s richly designed interiors and comprehensive exhibits on Buddhist art and history tell stories of culture over thousands of years old. Built in 2007, the temple gets its name from what the Buddhists regard as the left canine tooth of Buddha, which has been recovered from his funeral pyre in Kushinagar, India and displayed on the temple’s grounds.

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Date: Nov 22

London Eye & The Houses of Parliament

The London Eye, or the Millennium Wheel, is a cantilevered observation wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. It is Europe's tallest cantilevered observation wheel, and is the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom with over 3 million visitors annually. The Houses of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminster serves as the meeting place for both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Unesco: Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey including Saint Margaret’s Church
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Date: Nov 30

Caledonia waterfalls

Caledonia waterfalls are the highest in elevation found on the island of Cyprus and are located about 2 km north of Pano Platres village in the Troodos mountain forests, The water of the waterfall falls vertically from a height of 12 meters. According to the season, the surrounding area is covered in lush forest and native wild flowers.

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Date:  Oct 27

Flags of the World - Cape Verde

The national flag of Cape Verde was adopted in 1992.  The 10 stars on the flag represent the main islands of the nation. The blue represents the ocean and the sky. The band of white and red represents the road toward the construction of the nation, and its colours stand for peace (white) and effort (red). 

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Date: Sept 15


December 03, 2021

Full Moon behind the Portland Observatory from Portland Harbor. Portland, Maine.
Portland, the largest city in Maine, is located on a peninsula in Casco Bay with access to many islands such as Peak’s, Great Diamond, and Long Island. Portland stands as one of the few working waterfronts left in the United States, acting as New England’s largest tonnage seaport and second largest fishing port. The Old Port district is known for its nightlife and 19th-century architecture.

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Date: Nov 17

What do you know about Thailand?

What do you know about Thailand, land of Muay Thai, Yi Peng Festival, Siamese cats, Banana Pancakes, Bangkok and Phi Phi Islands. 

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Date: Nov 8

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is one of the oldest, most extensive and best preserved sites that illustrate communal hunting techniques and of the way of life of Plains people who, for more than five millennia, subsisted on the vast herds of bison that existed in North America. This archaeological site is located on the southern end of the Porcupine Hills in southwest Alberta.

Unesco: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
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Date: Nov 22

Greetings from... New Zealand

Greetings from... New Zealand, an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main islands, the North Island and the South Island,and over 700 smaller islands, covering a total area of 268,021 square kilometres.

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Date: Nov 5

Canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, has more than 100 kilometers of canals, about 90 islands and 1,500 bridges. The three main canals (Herengracht, Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht), dug in the 17th century, form concentric belts around the city, known as the Grachtengordel. Alongside the main canals are 1550 monumental buildings. The 17th-century canal ring area, including the Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Jordaan, were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010, contributing to Amsterdam's fame as the 'Venice of the North'.

Unesco: Seventeenth-Century Canal Ring Area of Amsterdam inside the Singelgracht
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Date: Nov 28

What do you know about Portugal?

What do you know about Portugal, land of azulejos, Cabo da Roca and Port.
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Date: Nov 14