From Germany

December 06, 2019

Traumstrasse between Goting und Witsum, on the island of Föhr, in the district of Nordfriesland, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Distance: 181 km
Travel time: 2 days

Plitvička Jezera

December 05, 2019

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the oldest and largest national parks in central Croatia. It's known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes, joined by waterfalls, that extend into a limestone canyon. Walkways and hiking trails wind around and across the water, and an electric boat links the 12 upper and 4 lower lakes. The latter are the site of Veliki Slap, a 78m-high waterfall.

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Unesco: Plitvice Lakes National Park
Swap: Nov 30

Christmas Elephant

For the holidays I decided to swap and collect a few Christmas cards. This cute elephant card is the first one to arrive, from Lithuania.

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Swap:  Nov 30

Vallée de Mai

December 04, 2019

Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is a nature park and UNESCO World Heritage Site on the island of Praslin, Seychelles. In the heart of the small island, the reserve has the vestiges of a natural palm forest preserved in almost its original state. The famous coco de mer, from a palm-tree once believed to grow in the depths of the sea, is the largest seed in the plant kingdom.

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Unesco: Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve
Swap: Nov 22


Vøringsfossen is perhaps the most famous waterfall in Norway. The Vøringsfossen Waterfall has a free fall of 145 metres and a total fall of 182 metres  from the Hardangervidda plateau to Måbødalen.

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Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock), rises 604 metres above the Lysefjord. The mountain plateau of about 25 x 25 metres was most probably shaped by the expansion of ice some 10 000 years ago.

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Swap: Nov 20


The Verona Arena is a Roman amphitheatre in Piazza Bra in Verona, Italy built in the first century. It is still in use today and is internationally famous for the large-scale opera performances given there. It is one of the best preserved ancient structures of its kind.

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Unesco: City of Verona
Date: Nov 21