Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabárceno

April 02, 2024

Cabárceno Natural Park is a zoo and nature reserve located in the town of Penagos, Spain, 17 kilometres south of Santander. The park is located in a former open-pit iron mine on a karstic landscape consisting of 750 hectares. The natural park is home to 100 animal species from five continents living in semi-captive conditions, including large enclosures where one or more species coexist. Six tigers currently live in the Park, Pluja, Neu, Rayo, Liso and Rota, all adults, and Candi, a five-year-old baby. Since they cannot go out to the outdoor area all together, different shifts are taken so that everyone can enjoy it. And when it is not their turn they remain, also outside, in the glass enclosures called 'reserves', which are used above all for veterinary care and for adaptation when new specimens arrive. The Cabárceno tiger enclosure, which was expanded in 2012, currently has 25,000 square meters, being the largest in Europe, and three viewpoints that allow the observation of this amazing species.

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